Professional covers for your eBooks and print books without the "professional" price!

Do you need a professionally designed cover for your eBook or print cover that won't break the bank? 
So many authors that publish independently either can't afford the exorbitant prices or try to create their own covers with dismal results.  You need a cover that will draw the reader's attention so they will either pick it up or click on it to read the blurb to see if it is a book they want to read.

Unfortunately, a book sitting on the shelf at the bookstore or listed at an online retailer is judged, to some extent,  by its cover.  Unless you are a well-known author already, the book cover and/or the title is what grabs the reader's attention.  You want a cover that is designed with marketing in mind.  Your book needs to show what genre it is and a brief insight into what the book is about.  A good designer can do that. 

I specialize in working with independent authors to create for them a cover they can be proud of so they can get that story out to the readers and generate the sales the author desires.  I will work with you and make changes until you get that cover that's just perfect for your book.

Please check out the other links on this website for examples of covers I have already created for other authors.  Then contact me for a consult to see if we can work together to create the cover that will be:

 "Bringing your books to cover at a time."